The House works in progress & The Rites Project


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■The House Works in Progress

The House was first staged in 2013 as Flamenco Sin Fronteras first major production to critical acclaim.“Artistic director Antonio Vargas has created a complex work that traversed cultures, reflecting on tradition and modernity, society expectations and individual needs, suppression and freedom” ST Life 23rd March 2013 “
The House” spins a tale of the matriarch Bernarda Alba and her grip over her five daughters – of the drama behind inherited wealth that unleashed a series of events that ends with the youngest daughter Adela’s suicide.
In the re staging work in progress, Flamenco Sin Fronteras will be working with veteran drama directors Claire Wong and Lucas Ho of Checkpoint theatre, drawing out the individual characters and family intrigues played by Flamenco Sin Fronteras dancers, in a poignant and powerful story of love and betrayal .

■The Rites Project
Flamenco dancers, and the explosive genre, have crossed many international borders but rarely, if ever, into Stravinsky’s world of the Rite of Spring.. A project is always moving, accommodating changes and our process reflects this. Stravinsky’s music is the backbone providing the power essential to the flamenco style while the complex rhythms challenge and impel the dancers. Storytelling underscores the choreography and the performers might be a group of refugees, or a band of gypsies, that face aggression when they find themselves in a new place.
The Rites Project sets out to explore the unifying things in life rather than following Stravinsky’s scenario of the sacrifice of ‘The Chosen One’. A special feature of this version is the inclusion of live music. In typical Flamenco style we have situated a ‘Fiesta’ in the heart of the work with music as a universal language. Children and food also bring people together and generate empathy and sharing. The Rites Project is about encountering difference and finding connections across peoples and generations through food, music and love. The Rites project is an exciting innovative experimental journey, helmed under artistic direction of Stephanie Burridge, and co- choreographed with Antonio Vargas. Besides Flamenco Sin Fronteras dancers, it features guest dancer Zhuo Zihao, one of the founding members of T.H.E and a Young Artiste award recipient and guest flamenco musicians Rodrigo Parejo , Ramon Garcia and Sergio Muñoz .
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